• Our lift and escalator industry deserves credit for contributing to Hong Kong’s success. Because we are living in a ‘vertical’ city where most buildings need lifts and escalators for people to efficiently reach their homes or places of work, the lifestyle of the community has become dependent on such reliable form of vertical transportation. Throughout the years, the lift and escalator industry has developed rapidly, and the technologies, standards of professionalism and technical skills have greatly improved. This advancement has undoubtedly contributed to the prosperity and quality of life in Hong Kong.

    In respect of the industry development, LECA has made significant contributions, particularly in promoting the status and professionalism of the lift and escalator industry; and improving the communication between the Members and the Government, and the related organizations within the construction / E&M industry. Notwithstanding the rapid changes in economic and technical environment, our association has unfailingly continued to pursue our objectives to achieve higher standards for the industry and improve the living standards of Hong Kong people.

    LECA’s many years of effort and contribution to the industry and society, is no doubt attributable to the substantial support of Members throughout the years.

    I am very pleased to see that with this commitment and strength of our Members, LECA has gained much recognition from the Government and Hong Kong society. In conjunction with the general committee and various subcommittees, LECA has been instrumental in developing a rapport with the Government to promote safety in the industry, enhance competence of personnel, and improve quality of works and sustainability.

    Despite many challenges ahead in our industry, we are confident that we will continue to prosper by upholding our firm commitment to promoting professional excellence and a healthy environment in the lift and escalator industry.

    I extend my best wishes for the strength of LECA’s future and continued success.

    KUOK Hoi Sang