The following are the major functions of the various LECA Subcommittees:-

To represent LECA on the Examination Committee (Written Examination for Candidates Applying for Registration as Lift / Escalator Engineers under Ordinance Cap. 618)
To study and examine legal cases involving lifts and escalators upon request of LECA Members.
To study / prepare technical articles relating to lifts and escalators.
To study advanced technologies / technical methodologies of lifts and escalators.
To carry out ad-hoc assignments as instructed by the General Committee.

To assist the General Committee to identify and study issues related to human resource management, and put forward recommendations deemed appropriate and necessary.
To discuss relevant issues on working conditions, compensation and benefit administration and employee relations.
To give due weight to the need for fostering good employee relations amongst LECA Members, and to give advice to the General Committee which could contribute to this end.
To deal with external bodies, under the directives set by the General Committee, on areas related to human resource management matters, with emphasis on areas having a direct common interest across LECA Members.
To advise the General Committee on human resource related matters as it may refer to the Human Resources Subcommittee for study or further action.

To review and analyze major accidents amongst LECA Members
To establish safety standards and safe working procedures for particular lift and escalator works
To work in conjunction with professional bodies (e.g. Labour Department and Occupational Safety & Health Council) to develop protocol for safety management system
To submit comments to the Government on proposed legislation and Codes of Practice
To organize safety promotional activities with the Government and industry related organizations
To promote news on safety and health amongst LECA Members

To gather and communicate information relating to technical specifications for lifts and escalators, between the stakeholders in Hong Kong and the Pacific Asia Lift & Escalator Association.
To develop and issue discussion papers to provide information to LECA Members or to stimulate discussion on important emerging technical / design issues.
Where applicable and appropriate, to review, adopt and disseminate suitable technical publications issued by other relevant international and overseas bodies (e.g. BSI and IAEE).
To advise the General Committee in connection with proposed legislation and associated matters directly related to technical specifications of lifts and escalators.
To represent the views of LECA Members by commenting on technical-related consultation papers, proposed regulations and legislation affecting the lift and escalator industry.
At the direction of the General Committee, to represent LECA in discussions with the Government and regulators on matters relating to lifts and escalators, and to convey to the Government and regulatory bodies, the views and concerns of LECA.
To liaise with other LECA Subcommittees and undertake joint action on matters of common interest and concern.